1. Crazy Jewish Mom Kim Friedman

Photo source: Oprah, Kate Siegal

CrazyJewishMom’s Instagram is bananas! We all love reading the daily message Kate recieves from her crazy Jewish mom. The instagram senstation makes us feel bad for giving our moms such a hard time about putting on a sweater.

2. Sylvia Fine and Grandma Yetta Rosenberg


2. Grandma Yetta always has the wisest advice. Weather it’s weighing in on Fran’s outfit’s or dates, Ma and Yetta Rosenberg do not back their thoughts. Sounds familar? 😉

3. Elizabeth Savetsky (ExcessoriesExpert)

Elizabeth Savetsky is the real deal super mom. She’s a blogger, entrepeuner and social media influencer. Elizabeth’s personality shines through her instagram posts, leaving her followers waiting to see what cool looks her and her daughter’s Stella and Juliette will rock next.

4. Joan River


The Fashion Police mogul never missed a beat. At age 80 Joan’s was still pioneering Hollywood. The comedian’s humor was loved and hated. But we’ll never forget that time she stood up for Israel during the Gaza 2014 conflict. Power to you Joan! Rest in peace.

5. Mila Kunis

Photo Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Despite her amazing performance in the movie “Bad Movies,” Mila Kunis seems to be a great Jewish mom! Mila recently told press that in her house, she Shabbat dinners on Friday night. Her Husband, Ashton Kutcher has also posted Shabbat candle pictures on instgram in the past. Mila has been vocal about her proud Jewish roots and she seems to be passionately passing it down to her children.

6. Didi Pickles


She mothered the children that produced perhaps the most reputable Passover film of all time. Didi’s loving Jewish mother skills urged her to consult with Dr Lipschitz quite frequently, making her one of the most memorable character’s of the epic 90’s cartoon. Gotta love our famous Jewish moms!