Author: Yehudah Koblick

Improving Hashtags and Group Messaging

by Yehudah Koblick – CTO Here are some of the weekly improvements to First, we’ve been continuing to improve site performance. We have seen a rise in concurrent users and we’ve been working to speed up blocks of code and improving the infrastructure layer to reduce latency and provide the best user experience. Restored to the member’s friends page and invite dashboard is group messaging. You can now message some or all of your friends together as well as inform all expected guests with breaking details. As of yesterday you can now edit your comments on the website...

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by Yehudah Koblick – CTO Overview The year of 2016 has been a game changer for A rebuild of the core features has facilitated a more streamlined, modern user experience and has yielded strong performance improvements. We’ve invested time upgrading on our code base’s infrastructure layer, enabling the website and app(s) to share a common middle tier. This under-the-hood initiative has paved the way for a faster roll out of new features. All told, it has been a year of hard work and great results. The key take-away is that our user engagement has grown dramatically beyond expectations....

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In preparation for the Shabbos Project has released a comprehensive upgrade to the inviting and host request functionality. Hosts have a newly designed and intuitive invites dashboard to manage all invites and weekly guest lists. Guests can manage their invites on their new page as well. Both are accessible via All invites and host requests are completed and executed in new displays accessible on a member’s profile. All hosting preferences are fully enforced. Better notation of these (such as no sleeping of guests, or all filled for meals) are visible on profiles as well as search results. Invite forms can be completed in a matter of seconds, quicker than before and previous hosts and current invites are displayed fostering increased invite confidence. Responding has also been simplified with a simplified layout as well. Responding is accessible via invite emails as well as selecting any invite on your invites dashboard. Upcoming: will be releasing a more comprehensive and fully featured notifications suite. Stay tuned for this to be released next...

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Each week I will try to keep you abreast of the feature upgrades, bug fixes, and future planning. New features: We’ve added the ‘date active’ notation to a member’s profile. The date active notation reveals a members most recent activity date on the site or app. Helpful to determine the likelihood for a response to an invite or message. If a member’s date active is listed as of November 2013, It’s less likely that they will respond versus a member active as of last week. The ‘date active’ notation is visible on all profiles on the website and app. The Activity feed (home page) contains a ‘sticky’ section on the left side of actively looking guests in your area for Shabbat. Hosts should consider hosting these members as their status indicates they are looking for Shabbat placement. The actively looking status can be activated in the privacy menu on each page of   Upcoming Currently we working to upgrade the entire invite and hosting suite from top to bottom. Our goal is simply to increase the chances of guests securing a place for Shabbat. Over the years, guests have expressed frustration over hosts not being as responsive as they hoped, and likewise, hosts seeking out guests in need would like to be better guided to them. Invite forms will be simpler. Instead of a wizard like layout on...

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2013 Tulip Syrah from Israel

  All about the Syrah 20013 wine from Tulip winery in Israel. A winery with a special mission. Learn more about the winery at the link below. World renowned kosher wine enthusiast and Yehoshua Werth helps you select a wine for Shabbat. Yehoshua’s wildly popular and effervescent video reviews will leave you thirsty for Kiddush! Tulip Winery – a kosher family owned winery in the Galilee with an altruistic purpose    ...

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