Author: Bentzion Klatzko


THE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS     When Am Yisrael were about to cross to sea, the Malach appointed over it refused to split its waters by saying that it was created on the second day of creation together with other malachim, in contrast to Man who was created on the sixth day of creation. This makes him older and therefore he dozen’t’t have to change his ways for someone whose entity is younger than him. At the end we all know that the waters did end up splitting. What happened in the interim that made a change of heart for...

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THE FOUR SONS OF THE HAGGADAH AND THEIR MOTHERS     Our Chazal tell us that the Avos, the Imahos, and the Shevatim all have a bris and a zechus. In Parshas Bechukosai on the passuk וזכרתי את בריתי יעקב ואת ברית יצחק ואף את ברית אברהם אזכר והארץ אזכר the Toras Kohanim writes I only know from here that Hashem will remember the bris of the Avos. What about the bris with the Imahos? The Sifrah learns that the bris of the Imahos will also be remembered from the three extra words of את in the passuk. (Rachel...

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Alex Clare at the Kotel (Western Wall)

The students of the Akiva Trip, run out of Aish Jerusalem, were treated to an impromptu concert featuring chart-topping super star Alex Clare on the balcony of the Aish HaTorah building overlooking the Western Wall. Alex Clare’s break though song “Too Close” was the featured theme for Microsoft Explorer, and was listed on numerous “Top 10” charts across the globe. He is currently on sabbatical, studying in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem. As a guest speaker for Rabbi Klatzko’s Akiva Trip, Alex enthralled the visiting American college students with his journey to the top of the music world, followed by...

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We’ve Updated our Website!

Over the past week our engineers have been freshening up our look and oiling our gears. You can thank them for faster speeds and a more seamless interface. Changes include A new exterior background Cleaner alerts New custom avatars for men, women, and families. Enhanced Website-App Integration Have a good...

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The Joy of Kosher- Kosher Sangria for Tu Bishvat, by Jamie Geller

I love fruity mixed drinks, and this is the best to get you in the festive mood for Tu B’shvat. There are a million ways to make sangria, so don’t be afraid to use whatever fruits and wines you have on hand. It is best to let the mix sit for a day, giving the fruit the chance to soak up the wine and giving the wine a chance to sweeten from the fruits’ natural flavors. It is best to use a glass pitcher (so everyone can see your beautiful creation!) with an open spout and a wide mouth....

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