This Sunday, come to the historic Fine Jewish Art Investment sale at the Klatzko home in Monsey, NY!
The collection contains nearly 200 recently acquired masterworks from the world’s greatest Jewish artists and collectors.
Buy a gift to adorn your home and invest now and for the future!

Sunday, Jan 28th from 10am – 9pm
4 Wannamaker Court
Monsey, NY
Proceeds to spread Shabbat through

Please help me spread the word!

The collection includes original masterpieces by:
Zvi Malnovitzer
Issachar Ryback
Tully Fillmus
Samuel Rothbort
Zalman Kleinman
Sandu Liberman
Boris Shapiro
Boris Dubrov
Nathan Brutsky
Herman Struck
Eduard Gurevich
Elie Benzaquen
Zvi Raphaeli
Yossi Stern
And much more!