Rishon Art Gallery, located in Fairlawn, New Jersey, is home to the largest collection of antique and modern Judaic and Israeli paintings in North America. Shop online or contact us for a private showing.

Opening in Fair Lawn and 24/6 on www.rishonartgallery.com

This week we are featuring the talented artist Alex Levin!

Ukrainian artist Alex Levin was born in 1975 and later immigrated to Israel where he served in the Israeli Army for three years. After serving in the Army, Levin enrolled in an industrial and web design program in Tel Aviv where he expanded his art knowledge. Moreover, much of Levin’s art focuses on surrealism and realism through a combination of oil, acrylic, tempera, charcoal, and pencil. His works have been displayed internationally in the United States, Israel, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, as well as the Ukraine. He also has gained attention from notable people such as Madonna, Richard Gere, Oscar Peterson, and former Israeli president Ezer Weizman.

You can also view her work and many other artists online at rishonartgallery.com