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This week we are featuring the talented artist Janos Kardos!

Kardos was a world-renowned painter and sculptor with a career spanning nearly
40 years and touching many continents.
Though he called New York his home, he frequently travelled and works in
Germany and Venezuela. His pieces can be found in galleries across the U.S., South
America, and Europe and vary in style and medium. His most recent projects include
paintings and sculptures.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Kardos realized at a young age that he wanted to devote his life to the arts. After attending various artist workshops, including that of Jeno
Barcsay, Kardos wanted to travel and expand his studies elsewhere. In 1968, Kardos
left his native Budapest, Hungary at age 22 to embark upon his journey.
Stopping first for four years in Italy, Kardos was inspired by his surroundings in
Rome, Sicily, and Venice. Kardos then continued his travels, making homes in Sweden,
Germany, Spain, and eventually Venezuela. Each new location introduced Kardos to
new styles and influences – from classical to modern. Throughout the 1990’s, after a
half lifetime of polishing his skills, Kardos built up a name for himself in Venezuela and
various other South American countries and achieved the reputation of an
accomplished and celebrated artist.Janos Kardos passed away tragically two years ago. Kardos was a close friend of the gallery. His paintings have reached over $20,000 a piece. We have many samples and styles by Janos.

Since his first art showings over thirty years ago, Kardos has since exhibited his
works in countless galleries and shows throughout Europe and the Americas. His art is
appreciated by and graces the homes of many celebrities and respected political

You can also view his work and many other artist online at rishonartgallery.com