Rishon Art Gallery, located in Fairlawn, New Jersey, is home to the largest collection of antique and modern Judaic and Israeli paintings in North America. Shop online or contact us for a private showing.

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This week we are featuring the talented artist Saul Raskin!

Saul Raskin (1878 – 1966) was a Russian born American artist, writer, lecturer and teacher best
known for his depiction of Jewish subjects.

Saul Raskin worked to bring Jewish art to the attention of the Jewish public. He believed that art
should not be the exclusive preserve of the wealthy and that by collaborating with artists, the
public’s interest in art could be cultivated.

On Raskin’s eightieth birthday he said “I am an artist and I am a Jew, but first and above all, I
am a Jewish artist, for Jewishness is the source, the centrality, the essence of my art, as it is the
essence of my being.”

You can also view his work and many other artist online at rishonartgallery.com

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