​​Rishon Art Gallery presents Zvi Raphaeli

In this video we are showcasing the talented artist Zvi Raphaeli.

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About the Artist:

Zvi Raphaeli was an artist born in Suez, Egypt, in 1924. . He attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris under the direction of Jean Souverbie, and in 1945, he settled in Jerusalem, in the old city, to paint and to study Torah. In Jerusalem, he continued to study art under the master Jacob Steinhardt in Jerusalem. Zvi Raphaeli’s time is divided between two different worlds – the world of the Bible which he pursues through his teachings in a Yeshiva, and the world of art which he expresses through his paintings. While teaching at a Yeshiva, Rabbi Raphaeli became one of Israel’s most prolific painters. His quick brush and keen eye established him as the Utrillo of Israeli street scenes. The narrow, picturesquely uneven old streets of Jerusalem were his most common subject. Zvi Raphaeli’s landscapes were painted with a tender and delicate beauty. His synagogue scenes captured his deep religious feelings. The streets of Mea Shearim are another of the artist’s favorite subjects. Later on in his life, he also lived in the United States. Raphaeli painted with warmth and understanding and is one of Israel’s most popular artists. He has exhibited in Florence, Milano, New York and in Jerusalem. He has also taken part in collective exhibitions in Israel and the United States. S. Raphaeli (also known as Tzvi Raphaeli) was an Israeli impressionist painter. A Rabbi and an artist, he successfully merged two divergent careers together into a blend of beauty and harmony. Tzvi Raphaeli was born in Egypt, moved to Paris, France at an early age, where later he could study art at the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts. During the dark years of World War II he studied art at the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts under the direction and guidance of Jean Souverbie. While a student there, he was also a “Maquizard”, a member of the FFI, the underground resistance movement in occupied France. In 1945, after WWII, he moved to Jerusalem, Israel. He studied In the Bezalel Museum, under the famous Israeli artist, Jacob Steinhardt, Raphaeli once again took brush in hand to transmit to works of art his emotions and feeling in the new land-the Holy Land. Most of his paintings, oil or water, describe market places, old streets of Jerusalem and Zefat. He also loved the landscaping scenes when he painted flowers or olive trees. All his paintings, whatever the subject, are infused with delight, affection and poetry. Kabbalist and world renowned French-Israeli artist Tzvi Raphaeli of Jerusalem. Acrylic on wooden board. All his paintings and ceramics, whatever the subject, are infused with delight, affection and poetry. Austrian born Israeli Art critic Theodore F. Meisels once wrote in The Jerusalem Post: “Should Raphaeli ever attempt to harmonize his two worlds, then this genuine painting ‘Chassid’ could develop into an Israeli Chagall.” On an occasion Chagall himself said about Raphaeli, “Raphaeli is one very unique painter who knows what the color wants…”. Zvi Raphaeli died in 2005, leaving behind memories of the Jewish street in Shtetl Israel from the early 20th century.

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