At least 44 people were R”L killed after a tragic incident in Meron near the Toldos Aharon bonfire resulting in a mass casualty incident.

Conflicting earlier reports stated that the bleachers had collapsed, while other reports stated some type of bridge had collapsed. However, the Magen David Adom rescue service said the tragedy was caused by overcrowding, and an ensuing stampede, causing people to be crushed to death.

Multiple victims were removed in traumatic arrest to local hospitals.

Hundreds of people were injured, and the Israel Air Force 669 Unit airlifted many victims to trauma centers. Many are in critical condition.

The incident is being called one of the worst incidents in the history of the State of Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident “a terrible disaster.”

The entire Meron was evacuated and the entire Kever Rashbi has been closed. Buses are taking around 100,000 people back to their homes, and the mountain is closed for the remainder of Lag Baomer.

We are adding the following videos to give a voice to the feelings of Klal Yisroel.

Kel Maleh is something we say when someone passes away, may this be a tribute to the ones we have lost in this terrible tragedy.
Refaeinu, may all those who were injured have a full and speedy recovery.
Some hope and comfort for us during this hard time.

May we only hear good things and may we see the geulah very soon!