Please donate to this incredible school, the following letter speaks for itself!

Dear family and friends,

When it was time to choose a high school for our daughter, we were faced with many choices. It seemed that every school was home to the best classes, the best environment, and the best girls. Despite our many options, we chose to send our daughter to a newer school, Pe’er Bais Yaakov.

We identified with Pe’er Bais Yaakov’s mission of inspiring growth and infusing talmidos with unparalleled joy for Yiddishkeit. What more can we ask for as parents? Classroom lessons fade from memory, but enthusiasm for Yiddishkeit remains for a lifetime.

We wanted the best for our daughter, and that’s what we got. 

Under the loving leadership of Mrs. Berney, our daughter has thrived beyond measure. She enjoys her classes, loves her teachers, and is developing a palpable love for Yiddishkeit that we know she’ll hold on to forever. 

As Pe’er prepares to celebrate its first graduating class, we ask you, our family and friends, to partner with us to ensure that many girls will be fortunate like our daughter and receive the unparalleled Pe’er experience.

We need your help! 

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Thank you for your generosity.