On November 18, two terrorist ran into a synagogue with meat cleavers, axes, and guns, attacking the defenseless men conducting their morning prayers.

Unfortunately, the terrorist took the lives of five men, and left many more injured.

Five holy men are now dead, leaving behind 5 widows and 27 fatherless children. We plead to you, please help ease the plight of these poor widows and children, by making a donation to give them some support through this difficult time.

We may be a nation who is spread out across the world. But now is the time to come together and help those who are suffering, our family that is suffering. By making a donation big or small, you are helping to alleviate some of the pain of these families.

The aftermath of the terrorist attack may be the most horrifying of all. Celebrations going on in Gaza. Evil in the world is evident. We must counteract it, by building a kinder world. Here is the place to start, helping the 27 orphans.

Here is the link for donations.


May we only see simchot!