Composed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko 

Performed by Benzion Klatzko, Luzy Klatzko (age 12) 

Arranged by Yisroel Ament 

Produced by Benzion Klatzko 

A Production

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 הולחנה על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו

מבוצע על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו גם שרים אלעזר קלצקו 

מאורגן על ידי ישראל אמנט

 הופק על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו

 הפקת סרטון על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו


 מלים: נחפשה דרכינו ונחקרה ונשובה עד השם 

Translation: Let us search out our ways and examine them And return to Hashem 

As we head into the fall and a long winter ahead, we are urged to begin to examine our ways. And even more so, with the second wave of Covid 19 decimating our people in Israel and abroad, it is a constant reminder of the fragility of life. It has never been clearer that we must live life with purpose! 

The song was composed right as the first cases of the virus hit America. The composer saw the imagery of dark clouds gathering, like a Navi sending a warning to do teshuva. The video ends with a heart to signify, that Hashem’s love will always be with us, no matter what! is the world’s largest Jewish social network, an organization consisting of a global social media platform and app that assists people to find places for Shabbos, Shidduchim, Jobs, and Chevrusas. is active in 200 countries. 

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