Siyum Yomi has one goal in mind, to unite klal yisroel! What better way is there to do so than through torah learning, the anchor that has kept our nation going strong for thousands of years. Siyum Yomi is taking the broad step of uniting klal yisroel together by finishing all of shisha sidrei mishnah every day! The idea is to have boys and men of all ages, each learning just ONE mishnah each day for a month (this can be done easily by learning your mishnah ba’al peh) and together, with my learning joining with yours, we will be united as ONE, finishing all of mishnayos each and every day of the year! Just like shas mishnayos which consists of thousands of unique, individual mishnayos, however when joined as ONE represents a much broader scope called shisha sidrei mishnah. So too in klal yisroel, each and every yid has his own uniqueness and approach to avodas Hashem, however when united as ONE each yid comes together and combines into a proud nation called Am Yisroel!

To jon the movement and choose your mishna, call out hotline at 718.664.YOMI (9664) or email us at JoinSiyumYomi@gemma