Siyum Yomi has one goal in mind, to unite klal yisroel! What better way is there to do so than through torah learning, the anchor that has kept our nation going strong for thousands of years. Siyum Yomi is taking the broad step of uniting klal yisroel together by finishing all of shisha sidrei mishnah every day! The idea is to have boys and men of all ages, each learning just ONE mishnah each day for a month (this can be done easily by learning your mishnah ba’al peh) and together, with my learning joining with yours, we will be united as ONE, finishing all of mishnayos each and every day of the year! Just like shas mishnayos which consists of thousands of unique, individual mishnayos, however when joined as ONE represents a much broader scope called shisha sidrei mishnah. So too in klal yisroel, each and every yid has his own uniqueness and approach to avodas Hashem, however when united as ONE each yid comes together and combines into a proud nation called Am Yisroel!

Siyum Yomi is a revolutionary initiative which enables klal yisroel to unite under the banner which defines us all, and that is of course, the torah. Siyum Yomi has a mission, the mission of finishing all of shisha sidrei mishna every single day, a task which many would call impossible. Another mission of ours, our main focus, is to unite all of klal yisroel, which almost everyone would call impossible. Our goal is to bypass these odds. By having 4,192 man, avreich, teenager, bachur, elementary- aged boy taking upon themselves to learn just ONE mishna every single day for a complete month we can accomplish this challenging goal.
Why now? This tremendous project is the brainstorm of two young men eager to do something extra to make a change in klal yisroel. Following the petirah of the gadol hador, Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky ztvk”l this project took on further meaning. We watched with our own eyes as the special shmirah HKB”H gave us b’zechus Rav Chaim was quickly taken away from us. We saw the uptick in terror attacks and many killed and wounded r”l. This initiative reached the desk of Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko, renowned founder of, who immediately became on board and was kind enough to make this into a project of Amidst planning on this project, we were further saddened by the loss of a true mechanech, friend, mentor to so many and a larger then life personality in klal yisroel that was Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein zt”l. Seeing the need, now more than ever, we realized im lo achshav eimasay??
Why mishnayos? Mishnayos is the soul of klal yisroel. In fact, mishna and neshama share the same letters. The mishna is the heartbeat of klal yisroel. There is no greater kesher that me and my fellow jew have in common the the mishna. Mishnayos is also the limmud learnt for a neshama after it departs this world, as mentioned above, the passing of R’ Wallerstein played a major role in the creation of Siyum Yomi and as such it is befitting that the inception should take place just days after his sheloshim.
Siyum Yomi is proud to have earned the endorsements of some of the most passionate, inspiring lecturers and speakers in klal yisroel. As stated above, we have only one mission to unite klal yisroel by finishing shisha sidrei mishna every single day of the year. This is done by having my mishna, joining with your learning and the learning of over 4,000 fellow yidden, being learnt daily for a month at a time after which one can switch to a different mishna for the next month.

To jon the movement and choose your mishna, call out hotline at 718.664.YOMI (9664) in Israel:097279520YOMI(9664) or email us at JoinSiyumYomi@gemma