is please to announce a partnership with the Rebbetzins Organization.
When creating a dating profile on you will be offered the opportunity to get your own personal Rebbetzin!

The Rebbetzins take a comprehensive approach to your shidduch needs, giving you personal attention throughout. They offer well-researched shidduch suggestions but also so much more: a listening ear and helping hand in every aspect of shidduchim.

3 Steps to the Right Match

Shidduch Process
Our Rebbetzins will guide you through the traditional Jewish dating process, from looking into suggestions to giving over the customs and expectations you should be familiar with.

Dating Mentorship
A dedicated dating mentor can give you personalized advice and help you gain clarity on the confusing questions and emotions that come up throughout your dating career.

YOUR Torah Home
We don’t leave you hanging after you get engaged. Our Rebbetzins are there to rejoice with you and more, give you guidance in setting up your new bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael.