Hey Guys,

At Shabbat.com things have been brewing under the surface for many months now. As I’m sure you all noticed the site has a brand new look and feel to it (way, way, waaaaay, cooler than before, thank you everyone for your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed).

This is what we call Shabbat.com 3.0. As our third version since we launched in 2010 it’s the latest and greatest iteration of the #1 Jewish social media site, allowing unprecedented interaction between Jews of all ages from all around the world.

But even more importantly it is now easier than ever to do exactly what the site started out as, to host and be hosted for Shabbat! (How many of you remember the original seeyouonshabbos site? Wow, that really brings back memories.)

As hosts there are now a ton of new ways to search for guests in your area. Check out that big and easy to use search bar up on top of the site it’s your ally in finding that perfect Shabbat guest. There are so  many options you can search by. Lets say you want to have a doctor over for the Shabbat day meal (maybe your afraid the food will be too spicy for your other guests health and well-being) you simply go to the search bar, click occupation, and type in doctor. Voila! 205 guests whose occupations are listed as Doctor show up as available to be invited by you this Shabbat.

If you’re a guest and you need a place for Shabbat say in Auckland, New Zealand, don’t fret, there is someone there who will be glad to have you! (I bet you just checked didn’t you? ; ) Remember Shabbat.co, is all about finding people. Use that search to help you, it wont let you down!

If you need a bit of a finer search dont worry, we got you. Just click advanced search that gives you even more options to help you find that perfect host or guest.

In our next post we will describe in some detail how to narrow your search using filters, as well as some exciting new settings we stuck in there. Please comment and tell us how you use Shabbat.com and the features you love best.

In the meantime have a happy, healthy, and relaxing Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!!