Few people are as passionate about bringing out every woman’s deep potential and power as Rivka Malka Perlman, an international speaker, teacher, and transformational life coach. 

Rivka Malka’s School of Coaching and Transformation was born out of the desire to train women not just in classic coaching tools, but to also offer a rich, diverse, healing toolbox.

Most importantly, all of the school’s teachings are firmly rooted in Torah sources. Cutting edge coaching tools with ageless wisdom create a transformational experience and a stellar coach training. Click HERE to see more. 

Do people join just for their own self-development with no plans of becoming a coach? Absolutely YES! More than half of the women who join come for their own self-development and healing. 

Here is what one recent student relates:

“Being in Rivka Malka’s school is like being on one of those intense women’s Israel trips… but all year!  It’s a treat, it’s a gift. It’s work. The personal growth is well beyond what we can do by ourselves at home. This is a league of its own. 

Are you looking for a career in coaching? Many of our graduates have launched a  thriving coaching business. Our coaches are qualified, authentic and offer healing to others in a healthy, boundaried and safe way. The Certification program is extensive and thorough using a mixed modality approach from standard coaching techniques to somatic healing and art. 

How does the Coaching Certification program double as a self-development program? 

Students learn how to hold and heal, how to cheer and challenge. They are taught spiritual frameworks that encourage both themselves and their clients to look internally for the answers they seek. Coaches deepen their emunah and solidify their knowledge of Hashem.

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“I have learned so many new and deeply effective coaching skills that have taken my coaching to a whole new level – and I am only half way through the course. Whether you are brand new or an experienced coach, you will learn a multitude of new skills.”

Take advantage of this amazing NAME YOUR OWN PRICE promotion. You can join just for the first module titled “Foundations 1”. You do not need to sign up for the entire year. Foundations 1 lasts for approximately 3 months. 

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Who is Rivka Malka? Rivka Malka’s maiden name is Klatzko. (Yes, Rabbi Benzion Klatzko from Shabbat.com is one of her brothers.) She is a direct descendent of the Belzer Rebbe and is named after Rebbitzen Malka. 

Following a near-death experience, Rivka Malka has dedicated her life to helping women step into Hashem’s love, heal from their past and  recognize their inherent greatness; essentially to become leaders in their own right. Six years ago, after her education at The Coaches Training Institute along with additional mentorship in various forms of healing, Rivka Malka opened up her own school that would train women in high caliber coaching, healing and transformation. 

The school only opens for registration every six months. 

Registration is now open and training begins August 2, 2021 Take advantage of the unique NAME YOUR OWN PRICE promotion going on right now (details online). It is the opportunity of a lifetime to gain the growth, healing and/or professional training you have been hoping for. Click HERE to get more information and to sign up. 

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