Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, founder of the world famous website, Shabbat.com, has launched a new venture, www.Havdalah.com in a site that aims to inspire and unite Jewish people worldwide.

Havdalah is a mystical, beautiful ceremony; saying good bye to Shabbat. Yet for so many people it’s an uninspiring and lonely time. People who are far away from a Jewish community, live alone, or simply never had the chance to be moved by the magic of Shabbat now have the opportunity to join in a worldwide Havdalah experience.

Havdalah.com will be streaming a live Havdalah around the globe each week. Starting off in five time zones, each Havdalah will have a musical host that will perform an inspirational, Carlebach style havdalah, with other participants and guests surrounding and accompanying them.

Yitzchok Meir Malek, the Israel Havdalah.com host says “I do a musical Havdalah each week, often on the army base. I know the soldiers will be excited to be part of this broadcast, where their families and the rest of the Jewish people can see them in a spiritual and uplifting setting.”

A reminder email can be requested, which will be sent ten minutes before the local havdalah begins streaming. There is also a message feature where people all over the world can send a note and bracha to be read during havdalah, as well as requests for prayers for people who are ill or needy.

“In a world full of mundane pursuits, taking a moment to reflect on how we can be more unified is so important. I think Havdalah.com fills a very important niche. I can’t wait!” exclaims Rivka Perlman from Baltimore

“By Jewish law, one should not fulfill their obligation to recite havdalah through this website,” says Rabbi Klatzko.” The goal is simply to unify, inspire and connect. We can all use more of that!”

Havdalah.com is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Dovid Winiarz, a close friend of Rabbi Klatzko, who passed away tragically. One of his last posts on Facebook was a video of the Klatzko havdalah.

Havdalah.com is a project of Shabbat.com, spreading unity and Shabbat all over the world.