25 Years ago, Rabbi Klatzko dabbled in Jewish Music, composing and producing with some of the bigger names. When he became a campus rabbi at UCLA, he stopped in the middle of this project. The files were never finished, then forgotten and lost 🙁

Recently he met the arranger of the music, Avi Fishoff, and expressed remorse that some of his nice stuff was lost forever. When he said, “The files aren’t lost, I have them right here in my phone” Rabbi Klatzko couldn’t believe his ears!!!!

We will begin briefly posting of few of these 25-year-old files, including some vintage Abie Rotenberg, Moshe Medlowitz, and Yisrael Williger. Working to clean them up!

Hashkifa was slated to be the first song on the album. Please note, these were never completed or mixed. But nice none-the-less. Enjoy a little ancient Jewish Music!