It was very hectic this Erev Pesach but nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen. Wednesday night my wife was busy cooking when she suddenly blacked out and collapsed on the floor. Hatzolah came and rushed her to the nearest hospital. They found a large tumor in her brain and she was immediately wheeled in for surgery. They managed to remove 40% of the tumor but still 60% remains.
Now my wife, a devoted mother to our 6 children and a successful speech therapist, finds herself fighting for life. My children don’t have a mother who can care for them, feed them, and dress them. The house isn’t cleaned and supper isn’t made. This has caused much confusion and tension in our home.
To make our life more manageable we need to hire full time help which costs $500 a week. I am struggling to make ends meet due to our increased expenses and our decreased income.
Please have mercy on my sick wife and anxious children and donate all you can so that we can function as a family once again. 
Thank You,
Moshe Katz
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Please forward this campaign to as many people as possible it really makes a difference. Tizke Lmitzvos