is nearing it’s the tenth anniversary, and for the first time we are allowing the Jewish community to benefit from’s incredible reach.

This a great opportunity for businesses in all different industries to reach their desired audience. On, advertising is simple, there is no need to try to navigate complicated algorithms on other social networks anymore. Advertise with us :).

To create an advertisement login to and click the “Advertise” button on the homepage.

Here’s a list of benefits 

  • Affordable and effective
  • Target the specific audience and location of your choice, potential reach up to 151 countries.
  • Incredibly easy to make the ad yourself
  • Image hyperlinks to your website
  • Can switch the graphic on the fly
  • Likes and comments remain on the ad post even if the graphic has changed
  • Promote Youtube videos as well
  • Comprehensive Dashboard displaying analytics including likes, comments, views, shares, and clicks
  • No special graphics or pixels size needed

Best of all, you help support an organization doing tremendous good for the Jewish people and that’s a mizvah!