Meet Azarya, the son of’s founder, Benzion Klatzko. This past week for the first time Azarya participated in a great tradition of his ancestors, the mitzvah of Tefillin (Phylacteries). According to Jewish tradition when a boy becomes a man at his Bar Mitzvah, he takes upon the special mitzvah of Tefillin.

Tefillin are two black leather boxes containing scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah. Attached to both boxes are black leather straps, used for wrapping around the head and arm, as seen in the video.

Placing a box of Tefillin on one’s head symbolizes using our mind to serve Hashem. Placing the other box on one’s arm, symbolizes serving Hashem with action. The mitzvah of tefillin could be perceived as binding one’s self to Hashem.

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