Dear Rabbi Klatzko,

I am writing this letter to let you know how i feel about your amazing website.
I have been involved in community outreach for 3 and a half years in Yardley PA.
During that time i have used your website to invite people for Shabbos and many different events .
Your website is the greatest tool for an outreach Rabbi like myself to bring people
in the door. I can’t tell you all the stories that I have with people that have come
through our doors through but I want to tell you a few.

Jon Tannenbaum was invited to a shabbaton that we made. When he walked through the
door, it was clear that this was the first traditional shabbos meal he ever had.
One year later he is studying in yeshiva in Israel!!!

Another family came to us for a Shabbos meal and now are regulars at all out
events. We were able to arrange for their child a kosher Bris and at the Bris they introduced me to their
friends who are now in my network.

Two other people who have come to me through, after they suffered loss of
family members, asked me to help officiate at the funeral as their Rabbi.

Another girl who started coming to me for shabbos, we helped send to Israel ….

We even had a Pesach Seder, and it was awesome!!!

I can’t tell you how many emails and messages I got from people that were so thankful that someone cared to even invite them. I have developed so many new friends and can’t thank you enough!!!

Rabbi Menachem Siegal