Chanayni was composed and recorded 23 years ago. Never released!

Lyrics: Chanayni Hashem chanayni, ki aleicha ekrah kol hayom Sameyach nefesh avdecha, ki aleicha Hashem nafshi essah

Translation: Hashem, show us favor, because we call to you each day. Gladen your servant’s soul, for to you, Hashem, I will lift my soul!

Composed by Benzion Klatzko

Performed by Moshe Mendlowitz

Arranged by Avi Fishoff

Produced by Benzion Klatzko and Hillel Kapnick

Backing Vocal by Hillel Kapnick

Violin by Miriam Hershkop

Guitar by Hillel Kapnick

Piano by Eli Cohen

Recorded at Fishoff Studios and Uptop Studio

Engineer Hillel Kapnick and Akiva Taubenblatt

Video produced by Benzion Klatzko A Production