Composed and produced by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, this track (along with 8 more) were lost for over 20 years. Recently found and never released, the sound may be old, but the feeling is as vibrant as ever! The singer is Ari Davis.

The Lyrics come from Motzai Shabbos Zemiros

Chazak Yimaleh Mishaloseinu

Amitz Ya’aseh Bakoshoseinu

V’hu Yishlach B’maaseh Yadeinu

Bracha V’hatzlacha


B’motzaei Yom Gila

Shimcha Norah Alilah

Shlach Tishbi L’Am segulah

Rough Translation: Strong One (God) Fulfill our request

Mighty One, please grant our wish

And He will send in our actions

Blessings and Success

At the end of the day of rejoicing

Raise your awesome name

Send Eliyahu to your Chosen Nation