“Let All Who Are Hungry, Come and Eat” Here is the Passover mitzva. To feed the poor, hungry and lonely.


As a bonus for your generosity, any amount donated gives you the new Shabbat.com Pinny Schachter album download as a gift!

This year, Seder.com ( a Shabbat.com project) was born!

With more than 20,000 people use Shabbat.com to find a Passover Seder, including widows, orphans, singles, divorcees, converts, and travelers, this will now increase. The costs to run and develop, as well as maintain these sites as vast as Shabbat.com are enormous. Shabbat.com is a charitable 501c3 and money from Ma’aser can be used. Please help us help the Jewish people this Passover.

Together we can unite our people!