Here are the rules:

Each week a guest will be chosen at random from the membership. This guest will change weekly. It will be verified by a third party organization.

If a host invites the Mystery Guest, the host will automatically be entered into a raffle that will take place at the end of the 2014 calander. If multiple hosts invite the Mystery Guest, each one will be eligible to be on the raffle.

The Mystery guest will be revealed on the home page of each Sunday.

If a host invites the Mystery Guest and the guest accepts the invitation and attends the Shabbat by the host family, this is called winning the jackpot and one ticket to Israel will be given to the host family and one to the guest.

The purpose of the Mystery Guest contest is to motivate hosts to reach out and extend invitations to those on the site.

(Hint: Don’t forget the elderly, the single parents and the forgotten).