What better gift can you give yourself than to join my sister Rivka Malka’s program of transformation!” Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

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Join women from around the world on a journey of self-discovery, deep healing, and powerful transformation.
Find out your life mission, understand your relationships and grow your connection with Hashem.

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Rivka Malka is a guide for women around the world. Her hallmark is authenticity and joy. She is raw, real, and relatable. Through her retreats, workshops and YouTube channel she teaches women about deep personal growth, intimacy, relationships, and healing. Her mission is to help women fall in love with themselves, their spouses, and with G-d.

“I came to learn to be a coach and I am learning amazing skills. I’m also receiving tremendous personal benefit from this program. The things that I’m learning are helping me to heal my relationships that previously had rocky patches. I’m learning about my mission in this world and who I truly am. I’m discovering strengths I never knew I had. I feel like new worlds are opening for me through the program. It’s so exciting!” Sarah Perron