seeks to provide our members with a rich array of Judaic resources while providing a vibrant platform for social interaction and an exchange of ideas. We hope to achieve this vision by introducing the “Open Blog Initiative.”’s “Open Blog Initiative” involves welcoming writers, bloggers, and ordinary people with good writing skills to publish their unique perspectives on our international platform. Topics for pieces can be, but are not limited to, dynamic articles describing one’s connection to a certain Jewish tradition, a short video with an encouraging message, a meaningful piece on Jewish identity, or the significance of the land of Israel. Overall, we’re seeking fresh personal reflections on what Judaism means to you!

The Open Blog Initiative is now officially open for submissions from all members. To submit an article, please send your work and a short bio to Our editors request that material be proofread prior to submission with required proper citations for relevant articles. As the community grows our staff hopes to create an open forum for conversation, continuing to bring people closer together.