An 8 year old Jewish girl found wandering in Manhattan alone..
A Kallah stranded at the airport without her luggage..
A tragic fire that leaves survivors desperate for immediate assistance..
Introducing UMA Alert!
As the Jewish community grows exponentially, so too, do its needs. Thankfully, many organizations have been established to assist and support our people. The goal of UMA is to create a network of activists in our community who are eager to know when an urgent, time-sensitive Mitzvah presents itself in their community and to notify them via a city wide text-based network.
Urgent Mitzvah Alert is brainchild of Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, founder of, whose use of technology has already revolutionized Gemilus Chasadim. UMA was not created to facilitate long-term projects, nor was it established to duplicate the important work of other established organizations, such as Hatzalah and Chaveirim.
It is a unique text message system to let those in our community, who wish to be involved in the good works, know when an urgent cause has presented itself so that they can claim their share in this Mitzvah.
UMA works hard not to inundate its members with too many messages. This will only result in UMA being ignored and deleted.  They strive to make sure that no more then a few alerts are send out per week.
Once a person have signed up to be an UMA member, it is expected that they will inspect the alerts sent to, and give serious consideration to claim this Mitzvah as their own. These dedicated members will take these alerts seriously and understand that “the buck stops with them.”
Each city will have an UMA leader who will be entrusted with deciding which alerts are timely and must be sent out. On the first day since the program started, twenty cities have asked that a branch of UMA be established for their communities.  
שלשה סימנים יש באומה זו הרחמנים והביישנין וגומלי חסדים
יבמות ע״ט א –
“We have such an abundance of resources and goodwill, we are truly a community of chessed. There is no reason for so many to be left stranded when their neighbors are ready, willing and able to help out” says Rabbi Klatzko. “We thank you so much for participating in this groundbreaking project! We are sure that thousands of people will benefit from your goodwill as well as your great actions!”
To sign up to receive alerts, or to ask for a cause to be submitted to a citywide alert, please go to
May these Mitzvos protect your family and be a Zechus for the Jewish people!