Purim Spielberg: A Loving Parody of “Rainbow Connection” written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher and originally performed in The Muppet Movie in 1979.


Haman Remembrance

Why are there so many songs about Haman
When we should be blotting his name?
Haman’s a villain — the worst one in Shushan
He made Mussolini look tame
His childhood idols were all genocidal
He’d kill on a brief passing whim
But someday we’ll blot out
The Haman remembrance
And stop dressing kids up like him

Dai da dai dai da dai dee
This year let’s all keep our shirts on!

Have we been half asleep
And have we heard graggers?
They’re spinning around in my brain.
We’ve tried to drown him out
For thousands of years now
And maybe gone kind of insane?

We’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
In parodies tasteless and flat
But someday we’ll blot out
The Haman remembrance
And stop baking treats like his hat
Lai da dai dai da dai dai…

Credit to:

Parody lyrics & vocals by Cantor Michael Smolash
Shot by Donell Hall
Edited by Bill Riss
Additional Puppetry by Reisa Shanaman

Purim Spielberg: A Movie M’gillah
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