is the largest Jewish social network, proudly serving its members an effective platform for facilitating Shabbat get togethers, dating and jobs all over the world. In light of our rapidly growing membership, is putting all of it’s efforts into securing its platform to ensure that all members have a safe user experience.

Here are several major security updates that has recently implemented or are currently under development for the purpose of making our community safer.

  1. Enhanced Blocking Button recently installed a block button on the upper left hand corner of every user’s profile. If a member is receiving unwanted attention from another member, the member receiving the unwanted attention may block the other member. Blocking a member, disables the individual from contacting the blocking member’s profile.

  1. Report Button

If a member finds another member’s activity inappropriate or offensive, encourages members to report the individuals immediately. The team takes our members security, and experience very seriously. Once a member is reported, the profile freezes, until the administration reviews the profile. (Note: you may still see the individual’s profile, the profile is indeed disabled however, we enable disable profiles to change their settings and not contact people, this ensures that the member does not create another profile following the deactivation of their previous profile).

  1. Message Request (In Progress)

The message request feature is designed to ensure that members possess autonomy to choose who they wish to engage with. When a member wants to contact another member, the member would have to send a message request to the other member, awaiting for approval before the individual can continue sending a message. Members receiving the request can joyfully accept or respectfully decline. We hope this feature will decrease any unwanted messages and save our members their valuable time!

  1. New Security Algorithm has recently implemented a new algorithm within the site. The new algorithm disables profiles which resemble scammers, or profiles with overall inconsistencies before they become active members of the website. It is working well so far, and it is helping weed out those “sketchy” profiles.

With hundreds of members joining everyday it’s very difficult to vet all members, however, we are confident that these new features will greatly improve the security of the website. These features together with our impressive software and the community’s vigilance will Gd willing continue making the very safe social network it’s been for the past eight years. We greatly appreciate our members’ dedication to the community and patience while security updates evolve.