As the Jewish people are really one big family, the team decided that should make career networking a lot easy and more intimate within the Jewish community. Inspired by Linkedin and other cutting-edge career networking sites, is currently building some of the most user-friendly features that will surely assist thousands in the process that everybody loves, job hunting!

Network Capabilities

The comprehensive job network will assist job seekers in every step of the process. Features such as, providing resume templates, recent jobs listings, and an amazing network will surely make every person’s job search haven!

Profile Preview

Every profile will include a detailed resume with the option for download and history of previous jobs applied to via the network.

Menu Close Up

These are the categories in which users will be able to tell their stories and experience to potential employers. Trust is a huge factor in hiring. Employers like to hire employees with whom their share a mutual network of responsible professionals. The more the employer knows the potential candidate and likes what he sees the sooner he will hire.

This is where this detailed portfolio comes in handy for both the hirer and hiree. This network will bridge the community closer together enabling companies and prospects to land the best fit for each one’s needs!

We will periodically be releasing more updates until the drawing near launch.