“ I am happy to let you know that Shabbat.com has established a collaboration with www.beamensch.com

Which is a not –for-profit Israel-based organization that is comprised of Nobel prize laureates, successful entrepreneurs , business people and scholars who came to a conclusion that Unity of Am Israel is the most pressing issue today and the way to achieve it is through Tikkun Hamidot ; embracing basic values like: integrity, tolerance, honesty and respecting the other Jew. A Mensch is a Yiddish term connoting a person who does what is right because it is right towards family, towards strangers, the community and the public. When people behave with honesty, integrity, consideration and respect for the fellow man they themselves prosper as does society at large. By spreading mensch-like behavior all of us can make our world happier, healthier and more successful.
Mensch vison is best summarized in the following ,” Each one of us is a small light. But, together our light is strong.”

They have been holding with great success dialog groups between religious and secular Israeli in cities & communities in Israel to bring them together.
Moreover, They recently published a book ,” Be a Mensch- Why Good Character is the Key to a Life of Happiness, Wealth, and Love” where leading Experts in fields from medicine to therapy, math to business, spirituality to resistance, speak of their experiences and how good character traits brought them success and fulfillment in life. Among the contributors to the book are Nathan Sharansky, Rabbi Abraham Twerski, Nobel Prize Laureate-Professor Robert Aumann and others.
Via true life experiences and scientific documentation you will see why being a good person- a Mensch, is the key to personal and communal health, happiness, and success. I highly recommend that you visit their website at: www.beamensch.com , subscribe to their mailing list and help spread mensch-like values in your community.”