In preparation for the Shabbos Project has released a comprehensive upgrade to the inviting and host request functionality. Hosts have a newly designed and intuitive invites dashboard to manage all invites and weekly guest lists. Guests can manage their invites on their new page as well. Both are accessible via


All invites and host requests are completed and executed in new displays accessible on a member’s profile. All hosting preferences are fully enforced. Better notation of these (such as no sleeping of guests, or all filled for meals) are visible on profiles as well as search results. Invite forms can be completed in a matter of seconds, quicker than before and previous hosts and current invites are displayed fostering increased invite confidence. Responding has also been simplified with a simplified layout as well. Responding is accessible via invite emails as well as selecting any invite on your invites dashboard.


Upcoming: will be releasing a more comprehensive and fully featured notifications suite. Stay tuned for this to be released next week.