is focused on helping singles find their soulmate. If you are single and want to create a dating profile, simply log on to and go to your personal profile page. On the upper left side, you will see a tab that says “Post Dating Profile”.

The more information you include the greater the interest will be.

Note: It is extremely important to have at least one profile picture of yourself (you are allowed up to six). The default setting of the website when clicking the heart tab only shows dating profiles that include pictures. So adding a picture will ensure proper exposure and visibility. After creating your dating profile, click the button that allows your friends to add a recommendation to your profile. does not charge for it’s dating service. In a way, it is far more effective than online dating websites. In the words of one of our members, Hindy Burger: “SHABBAT.COM is a great website not only to find amazing people all over the world to go to for Shabbos and to connect with but it has AMAZING QUALITY GUYS/GIRLS on it as well!! I think the reason for this is because it’s not specifically a SINGLES WEBSITE. When someone signs up for, the single people can fill out profiles if they’re available and want to so plenty do! There have been many shidduchim already from there. I highly recommend it”!

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