In honor of the upcoming holiday of Shavuot, when the Jewish people accepted the Torah at Mt Sinai, offers 3 unique ways of to study Torah.

  1. Partners in Torah

At no cost to you, Partners in Torah will provide you with a hand-selected personal teacher. Together, you’ll study for 30 minutes or more each week any topic of Jewish life you choose.

Or, if you would like to teach instead, we’ll find you a study partner for you who wants to know more.

Learn more about this amazing opportunity by visiting!

2. Parsha Tyme with Rabbi Juravel

Do you have children and want them to know the Parsha?? The app enables users to listen to the exclusive weekly “Parsha Tyme” CDs by the famous Rabbi Juravel!  The CDs are both fun and engaging, leaving your children with a sufficient education of the weekly Parsha. Download the app now and do not miss this amazing opportunity!

These are not available anywhere else on the web.

Rabbi Juravel has been involved in teaching for the past thirty years and has influenced thousands of students. His books and CDs have been enjoyed by parents, teachers and children worldwide.

Listen to Parsha Tyme at

3. Ongoing Content

The team is always excited to create new Torah oriented content for members to enjoy! Our music videos, writings, and website, are all crafted in the hopes of making Judaism more fun and accessible to the Jewish people. Remember to check out our newsletters and our social media accounts for more amazing updates!