Shabbat is a day of rest. It’s a time where friends and families come together after a busy week to sit around the table, enjoy each other company and eat a delicious meal!

Every week one has the opportunity to meet cool people and draw the community closer together by inviting guests for Shabbat!


To find guests for Shabbat conveniently go to the homepage and click the “Click here to invite Shabbat guests in your community” or click the “Find Guests for Shabbat” on the left hand side menu.  












Proceed to clicking “select” then invite all selected. Remember you can filter the potential guests by utilizing’s amazing filter system on the bar options on the top!

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To request hosting on the left hand corner of the page click “Find Hosts for Shabbat”


Proceed to clicking profiles of host’s, then when on the profile’s page click “host me.”

Click Here to Read Tips on being a Great Guests

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