Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim, The Shulchan Aruch Learning Project and The Shema Yisrael Torah Network have combined forces with in an effort to help bring the true light of Shabbos into your home. Email or call the Yeshiva’s Director of Admissions,         Rabbi Yosef Weitz at: 732-276-2677 or for further information and tuition cost, mention this email and receive a discount on your tuition.

YPS offers a class called Shabbos Kitchen for you to take. “Shabbos Kitchen” is a course designed especially for homemakers, students, singles and all with a background or without a background in keeping Shabbos properly. We all spend a good part of our lives in the kitchen. Here, for the first time, is a course designed to help in the intricacies of what goes into the making of a Shabbos Kitchen. This course is normally $250 USD however, for the month of Elul and in conjunction with we are offering it for just $99.

“What goes into the making of a Shabbos Kitchen?” This question is heard more and more often today. Whether you are a novice or a learned student of Torah Laws, the answer is becoming more and more complicated as new gadgets and methods of preparation are introduced into our modern kitchens. Thus, many people are stymied in their pursuit of the Shabbos Kitchen. One can easily violate rules and regulations when preparing the kitchen before Shabbos, and of course, during Shabbos itself.

There are many ways to prepare a fruit salad, and not all are accepted. Is setting the table that black and white or is that another issue? How does making a simple egg salad involve so many problems? Tearing open wrappers and cracker boxes must be done in a certain manner, and washing dishes after the meal also has laws which must be applied. The examples are endless.

Most information going into the making of a Shabbos kitchen has been handed down by word of mouth, generation, by generation. Some people have purchased books. Even those who have a basic knowledge are sometimes unsure of its applications or do not know the reasons why some things are done. Pirchei Shoshanim has developed a three month interactive course in order to provide you with personal guidance:

· We will send you 24 written lessons via e mail, twice weekly over the term of the course.

· You are welcome to call or write as often as you need and we will answer you as quickly as possible. Your question can be answered via the Digest or personally, as per your request.

Our goal is to teach you to prepare yourself for Shabbos, without making mistakes. To truly help you overcome pitfalls that occurs during the Shabbos. Set forth in an entertaining way, you will be taken through the steps of setting up a Shabbos Kitchen from the very basics to the modern day issues. Each lesson has a self-test questionnaire, which helps you review the material and determine whether you have absorbed the lesson. On conclusion, there is an optional final exam. For those who pass the course, a Certificate of Knowledge will be issued stating that you have learned the laws for “The Making of a Shabbos Kitchen”.

YPS offers many other different learning opportunities however this Elul YPS is excited to launch a new Shabbos track that covers Hilchos Shabbos in only 14 months. This will help guide you on a journey through the vast Halacha’s we encounter every week in our own homes. The Pirchei Shoshanim Hilchos Shabbos program is designed to familiarize you with the background to Hilchos Shabbos that is the foundation to gain a greater appreciation of the Halachos and of Shabbos itself.

Each shiur will not only acquaint you with the background of each Halacha but it will also guide you on the study of the classic works of the Chafetz Chaim in his monumental Sefer the Mishnah Berura. Our goal is not just developing you’re learning skills in this area of Halacha and awarding you with a certificate for your learning accomplishments, it is a matter of creating  a whole new level of appreciation of  Hashem’s Mitzvah of Shabbos; the pillar of Yiddishkeit. In addition, you will be able to direct all your questions and concerns to one of our dedicated Rebbeim who will be eager to assist not just in the learning material but in any area of Jewish life. Make the commitment today. In just 14 months you will complete the entire course and earn your certificate. It will be a journey that will energize you and your family in all areas of Avodas Hashem.

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