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A study was conducted. Two groups of people were attached to devices that administer electric shocks. One group was given consistent shocks at an intensity of about 7 (between 1 and 10). The other group was given inconsistent shocks, ranging between 1 and 6. The second group reported experiencing more pain. Why? Because the fear of the unknown is actually more painful than an expected pain, even if it is objectively less intense.

People will choose to remain in bad jobs and unhealthy relationships because at least they know what’s coming. They cannot quit or leave their partner, even if the outcome could potentially be significantly better, because the fear of change keeps them paralyzed.

In fact life, true vivacious life, involves a series of small deaths. Like a snake shedding layers of skin, some immature part of use must “die” before we can grow and become more mature people. But if we are afraid that whatever part of us dies may not be replaced by something greater, then we may never grow. The key is to ride the current, to accept change, and to remain faithful to the fact that there is always a greater self waiting to be born.

Everybody wanna know why I had to fly,
One day that July said my last goodbye,
I could say a few words if you’re asking why,
Kind of hard to explain but I’ll have to try,
Had some questions, couldn’t mask the lie,
Answers left me unsatisfied,
Like why do the good kids have to die?
And can I really prove there’s some kind of afterlife?
You listen to my questions, you had the same ones,
You wanna know where we’re headed, and where we came from,
But you forgot ‘em in the daily grind of new distractions,
Mine were too important so I didn’t have the same reaction,
Knew I could not wait ‘till it was too late before that feeling’s gone,
So I spent that night trying to book that flight and find the next plane I’m leaving on,
See you and I both wanna climb that ladder of success, that’s agreed upon,
The only difference is I wanna know which wall that ladder is leaning on.

I know I know I know you must be saying,
This life is not a game, why you still playing?
But I gotta be riding in my highs, laughing in my lows,
I just can’t stop can’t stop the flow.

Never might what they might say,
You gotta go find your right way,
Some choices might take you sideways,
But at least you can say that you tried, hey!
My friends treated me in mean ways,
Laughing at each in between phase,
From rap music then to frat student,
On to half-Buddhist who sits writing screenplays,
But at each stage, never held it there,
Reflected and became more self aware,
Cuz’ I couldn’t sit around with some helpless stare,
Choose your own direction nobody will tell you where to go,
They all called me a silly joker,
A faker trying to be a poser,
But I knew that only change could bring me closer
To greatness, never settling for mediocre.


Not a thing in this world that remains at rest,
You’re either changing more or you’re changing less,
I’m gonna speak my mind put my brain to breath,
If you’re afraid of change then you’re afraid of death.
Lost some friends, made some new ones,
The ones I lost weren’t really the true ones,
And those I’ve encountered along the way,
Let me tell you what I want to say,
Mom and Dad, I did not reject you,
My friends back home yeah I still respect you,
Will I change your mind? I don’t expect to,
But I’ll hold the mirror up to reflect to,
So be yourself, disown the norm,
Challenge the status and don’t conform,
Accept the change that might sever your track,
Then keep on moving and never look back.

The music is an acoustic interpretation of the song “Am I Wrong” by Nico and Vinz. The original song can be found at The acoustic interpretation can be found at