G-d created the human being, separate and different from the animal world. The most outstanding difference between us is that we utter words .We SPEAK…….. and animals can only communicate.
“The bible states:
–He shall not desecrate his word; according to whatever (word) leaves his mouth) shall he do.” (Book of Numbers 30:3)
Contrary to popular belief, talk is not cheap . Just try to a hire an attorney and you will find out the price of speech. If one uses evil words, he can bring destructive forces to the world. . In contrast, he who chooses his words carefully and speaks positively,and constructively to, encourage, to enhance, brings happiness ,success and blessing to others and to the world- himself included.
Our sages teach that, even an unintentional curse that escapes a righteous person’s lips will inevitably be realized
One Chanukah, R’ Yisroel Salanter ( a great innovative rabbi in Lithuania in the 1900’s) had to travel to a nearby city for an important meeting. Before he left, he asked his wife to prepare Chanukah candles for him to take along. Surprised, she said to her husband, “But you’ll be back in just a few hours!” R’ Yisroel explained that he wanted to be prepared in case a problem arose on the way
Sure enough, his carriage broke down, causing a long delay. When R’ Yisroel finally reached his destination, he paid the wagon driver more than the set price because he was concerned that his pessimistic comments might have brought about the trouble with the wagon
Most of our speech concerns others so we must be especially cautious in our choice of words. And even if we speak about ourselves, this applies as well, because what affects us inevitably will affect others. If one cannot say something positive it’s better to be silent and not speak at all.
Just a moment of thought will bring us to realize how precious speech is. The world was created with G-d’s “word”.. We are only able to speak at all, by listening to others speak .We learn to read because someone has “told” us the sound and pronounciation of the letters. We take oaths with speech. We are married to our soul mate with speech, We study Torah with speech. Every word is holy. Let’s respect this great commodity of speech by thinking things over before we allow them to leave our mouths.

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