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Who? Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser was born in Hollywood, California where he grew up at the foot of the mountains, with the Pacific Ocean nearby. He began surfing at a young age, and as the son of a surf-wear manufacturer, Yom Tov grew up traveling around the world on surf-travel expeditions. On the days when the waves were small, little Yom Tov took to the hills and became a hard-core mountain biker, another sport that he actively pursues until today. A lover of music, Rabbi Glaser has been playing Music professionally for over two decades. In England, he’s known as the Jewish Bob Marley!

While Rabbi Glaser spent the majority of his life surfing 6-8 hours a day, he accumulated vast insights into human character, religion and alternative spirituality. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California in Santa Barbara, he moved to Israel in 1991 to explore his Jewish origins studying at the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies. After six years of intense study, Rabbi Glaser received ordination.

Today, Rabbi Yom Tov prays in Meah Shearim in the Pinsk Karlin shul, where every word of the service is screamed at the top of one’s lungs. He is a student of a Chasidic Rebbe who is a spiritual dynamo on the cutting edge of kabbalistic research and practice. Rabbi Yom Tov is the Rebbe’s main disciple, and can be found sitting at the Rebbe’s table, soaking in his teachings, often into the wee hours of the night. Rabbi Glaser has also trained under a top Russian psychologist and now practices spiritual therapy, helping both individuals as well as groups to come closer to the G-d experience.

Rabbi Glaser now resides in Jerusalem with his wife Leah and six lovely kids. He studies, teaches, plays music and adventures in Jerusalem and travels often internationally sharing what he call “transformational education.”