helps Jews all over the world discover the beauty of Shabbat and Judaism. Do you want to buy a share in this worldwide mitzvah?

Rabbi Klatzko pays for most of this mitzvah out of pocket.

Be his partner at

(It is tax deductible) is involved with:

  • Finding Shabbat placements for thousands of people each week
  • Free Matchmaker service
  • Free online Jewish dating
  • Partners in Torah- Helping people discover their heritage
  • Sister to Sister- Assistance geared towards divorced families
  • Emergency stranded traveler hotline
  • Positive PR for the Jewish community
  • Akiva Trip- Helping 150 college students each year go to learning experiences in Israel
  • Weekly Shabbatons
  • Live Streaming Havdalah to different time zones all over the world
  • Employment assistance- Networking through the Jewish community to find jobs

Upcoming projects for this year:

  • App
  • Sophisticated science Videos produced according to Torah standard
  • UMA- Urgent Mizvah Alert- A lightening text message alert sent to community activist to instantly assist those in dire predicaments
  • A website to promote creativity and spread original music in the Jewish world
  • and App- A simple searchable contact list of outreach professionals around the globe