, the world’s largest Jewish social network, along the “Be a Mensch Foundation”, was on a mission to find the “Mensch of the Year” and pay that individual $1,000

The Be a Mensch Foundation awarded $1000 to two of’s most popular families for being amazing hosts!!

The winners were the Beyman and Zahav Family- who have together invited over 4,000 guests.

The goal of the contest was to promote Derech Eretz in our community and to remind hosts that the mizvah does not end with signing up for Rather, each week hosts on have the opportunity to go on to the website and invite guests who may be too bashful to request an invitation.

The Be a Mensch Foundation, which aims to promote better social
behavior among Israelis, was established in 2011 by Moshe Kaplan. Its
advisory board includes three Nobel prizewinners — Professor Dan
Shechtman, Professor Aaron Ciechanover and Professor Robert  Aumann — as
well as former US senator Joe Lieberman, Tova Ben Dov, acting president
of World WIZO, former basketball player Tal Brody, and others.

Congratulations to the winners! Keep on inviting!