Composed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Performed by Benzion Klatzko, Luzy Klatzko (age 12)

Arranged by Yisroel Ament

Produced by Benzion Klatzko

A Production

הולחנה על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו מבוצע על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו גם שרים אלעזר קלצקו מאורגן על ידי ישראל אמנט הופק על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו הפקת סרטון על ידי הרב בן ציון קלצקו הפקת

תהילים, ק’ בֹּאוּ שְׁעָרָיו בְּתוֹדָה חֲצֵרֹתָיו בִּתְהִלָּה הוֹדוּ לוֹ בָּרְכוּ שְׁמוֹ: כִּי טוֹב ה’ לְעוֹלָם חַסְדּוֹ וְעַד דֹּר וָדֹר אֱמוּנָתוֹ:

Translation: “Come to His gates with thanks, His courtyard with praise. Laud him, blessed is His name. For God’s good kindness is forever, and each generation feels His faithfulness.”

The words are from Mizmor L’soda, a Psalm (chapter 100) of thanks to Hashem. A beautiful song composed by Rabbi #BenzionKlatzko, sung with his son Luzy (age 12) on the front porch of their home in Monsey. With all its challenges, ups, and downs, it is still a wonderful life and we must be grateful. is the world’s largest Jewish social network, an organization consisting of a global social media platform and app that assists people to find places for Shabbos, Shidduchim, Jobs, and Chevrusas. is active in 187 countries. To donate to our worthy cause, please go to All donations are tax-deductible and ma’aser can be used.

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