Composed and Performed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Musical Arrangements by Yisroel Ament

Cinematography by Yonatan Vinnik

Lighting by Meir Kolko

Have you ever felt alone and lost? I have. Remembering that Hashem is my Father who loves me, comforts me and gives me strength. Here is a song I wrote describing this dialogue in my mind. Wishing you hope, light, and connection with our Heavenly Father! #BenzionKlatzko

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Lyrics: Sometimes the bad times seem more than the good times

Darkness has fallen and light isn’t near

Blackness engulfs me, I feel lost forever

Crying is futile, there’s no one to hear

Despair tries to beat me, hopelessness greets me

The comfort I long for seems lost in the past

That’s when I think of His undying love

My hope is renewed and forever will last

Even alone, I know He is with me

Through brightest of days and darkest of nights

Together my father, with you I will conquer

My strength is renewed, I won’t give up the fight

I won’t listen to scorners who laugh and reject me

Their aim and their purpose is to lead me astray

I look to the love shining down from above

My Father is with me, I won’t be afraid