We are living in extremely scary and unprecedented times. Corona, financial instability, anti-semitism, and civil unrest. The signs are clearly written on the wall for all to see that it is time for the Jewish People to return home. As was the case with every exile in history, it’s time will come to a close and this one is no different. We hope and pray that our people make the move while they can do so freely and comfortably and that their transition to their new and everlasting home will be rooted in the fundamentals of what it means to live in our homeland and fulfill our national destiny. May this song help bring some inspiration to all those who hear it to help them take the next step to Aliyah. Go to https://bringthemhome.org.il/ to learn more.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Gavriel Klatzko and Benzion Yechiel Michel Dyckman