I am reaching out to you about Yeshiva Bais Mikroh, where Shani and I send our sons to learn each day.

Thanks to Bais Mikroh, my son wakes up each morning super-excited to go to Yeshiva.  His wonderful teachers imbue in him, middos tovos, a love for learning and so many important life-lessons.  We are incredibly happy with his progress and feel extremely grateful to our Yeshiva.

Right now, Bais Mikroh is raising $700,000 to fuel the everlasting gift of life – OUR CHILDREN’S TORAH LEARNING!  Thanks to the support of Matchers, every donation will be TRIPLED!!

Can I count on you?

As a proud and grateful parent I have undertaken to personally raise [ORIGINAL AMOUNT BEFORE 3X MATCH] which will be tripled to $9000.   It would mean so much to me if you can donate and help me reach my goal!  Remember your donation will be matched to reach 3x the impact!!!!

Click on the following link to make a donation to my team page: https://charidy.com/BaisMikroh/benzionklatzko

You can also call in to: 845-409-2211 and donate to my team, by selecting option 2 and entering my Team ID# which is: 477558

Thank you for investing in our child’s chinuch and for being a part of GIVE TO LIVE!!

Benzion Klatzko