Here at we have in place many features too secure your safety and security on the site, don’t worry – we’ve gotten it all taken care of!

When looking to join a user for Shabbat or to invite one to your meal here are the five steps taken to give you peace of mind and complete security when online:

1. Verification –  who a guest or host is – two character references must be present in order to provide information for the user.

2. Feedback! – In the same way Ebay uses it, you can now see a users trustworthiness based on their user feedback. requests feeddback and the more they have, the more rest assured you can be of their status.
3. Friends – All users have a friends list, maybe you’ll even have some mutual friends in common, all their friends are contactable for input.
4. Photograph – You can always request an image for either a guest or host.
 requesting an image,
5. We’re here to keep you safe – Our team is constantly checking into the verifiable data using online identification to weed out scammers or people looking to make trouble etc
Now it’s time to showcase our six steps to adjust your privacy catered to your individual preference:

1. All users can go into their settings and make their profile non-Google searchable.

 2. Any invitation request you send or receive can be disabled from appearing on the newsfeed.
 3. Any member can be friended or unfriended or blocked using the link on the upper right hand corner.
4. If a member would like to use the site without beng contacted for an invitation, you can set your status to unavailable – This disables all invitations!
5. Any pictures of status updates you post to the newsfeed can now be removed and deleted.
6. If you have a dating profile, these can be made either private or public.

New feature – Our team strives to respond within 48 hours of being contacted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here to help!

For your information: 
ALL of your E-mails, phone numbers and addresses do not show up on, they are private and only visible to the user themselves.

We are always striving to continue improving the safety and security of the site