A personal appeal from Rabbi Klatzko

Dear Shabbat.com family,

I am reaching out to you about the plight of Rabbi B and his wife. They have  been married for many years and sadly have not been  blessed with zera  shel kayama. They have traveled all over the world for different kinds of treatments which have so far not been successful. Seeing and feeling their pain their family and friends have decided to be noisai beol to help them by undertaking as a zechus for them to strengthen the mitzvah of taharas hamishpacha by helping build a  mikva lmaan kedushas yisrael. The mitzvah of building a mikva is a well known segula known to have helped many couples have children even after the doctors have given up all hope. Shabbat. com has undertaken a project to help build a mikva as zechus for Rabbi b and his wife  to merit having children. This is a well known segula known to work even after the doctors have given up all hope. The mikva is being built in Carmit a growing moshav in Eretz yisrael. Please help us help them! Please donate now by logging on to https://groups.mikvahusa.org/302/359 or call 718 550 8682 and follow the prompts project ID 302 member ID 359.

May we always be able to be on the giving end.

Thank you,

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, Founder of Shabbat.com