by Yehudah Koblick – CTO

Here are some of the weekly improvements to

  • First, we’ve been continuing to improve site performance. We have seen a rise in concurrent users and we’ve been working to speed up blocks of code and improving the infrastructure layer to reduce latency and provide the best user experience.


  • Restored to the member’s friends page and invite dashboard is group messaging. You can now message some or all of your friends together as well as inform all expected guests with breaking details.



  • As of yesterday you can now edit your comments on the website and within the next couple of days this functionality will be added to the apps as well.


  • We’ve made it possible that all postings and comments that contain website links are now properly displayed with clickable hyperlinks and proper formatted display.


  • Finally, We’ve enabled hastags and twitter handlers to be active on in status updates and comments. Now you can post trending topics!